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Hi & welcome! 

I'm Diana and this is my story. The details behind the brand and the little things that make me unique and special. 


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My Story

  • I haven't always worked as a photographer, but I've always been a photographer. 

  • For a long time I worked in big companies such as Oracle & Google, but when I moved to Switzerland, almost 5 years ago, I decided to pursue a passion and I chose photography.

  • In 2021 I opened my studio in Lugano and became a professional photographer. 

  • Italian is my 4th language and I only started learning it after I moved to Lugano and even though I'm fluent, I sometimes make mistakes, so please be kind. :)

  • I'm Romanian by birth and Irish by citizenship and I often visit both these countries as I still have families and friends in both. 

  • I'm mother to a wonderful boy who amazes me everyday and who drives me crazy in equal amounts. :-) 

  • Last year we adopted a dog, Shirley, and she is now part of the family. 

  • I love photography, but also cinema, good company, sweet wines, fancy desserts, modern homes, long walks, fresh mornings.

  • I value minimalism and elegance as a photographer but also as a person.Strongly believe in Less is More and try living accordingly (my studio wardrobe is the exception).

  • My biggest fear is that of dying, not because of the act itself but because of the void that comes with it. 

  • I hate talking on the phone (please don't call me), so it's better to text me if you want to reach me.

  • My hidden talent is making fancy desserts so sometimes I surprise my friends with a pavlova or pistachio tiramisu. 


Send me a message if you like my photography style and wish to work together.


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