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WEDDING Photography
Candid | Personal | Story-telling
FAMILY Photography
Emotional | Femminine | Fine-art
Me photographed by another photographer.
About me

I'm Diana and have been a photographer ever since I can remember.

For a long time I only photographed landscape and travel, but when I became a mom I started photographing children. 

Now I capture everything that makes me happy, beautiful moments, love, laughter, tears and all kinds of emotions.

I have a small studio in Lugano, but I travel around Switzerland & Europe. 



The Sessions & The Packages

As a wedding photographer,  family & events photographer, I offer different types of sessions and packages.

See below my most requested sessions and the packages that I offer. 


I offer four different wedding packages: Mini, Essential, Standard & Premium of respectively 2, 4, 8 and 12 hours of shooting.  Each can be tailored to your own needs and desires and they apply to both civil or religious weddings.


The engagement sessions are so fun to shoot because you're in love, carefree and open to all my crazy ideas. 

I do normal engagement sessions and surprise proposals. 

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I shoot maternity sessions in the studio or outdoors. My studio sessions are either minis or full sessions; minis are limited by time and number of photos while the full sessions include a complete experience and gallery.

The outdoor sessions are all standard as time and galleries.


The newborn sessions can also be minis or full sessions. The minis include the family photos and minimalist portraits of the newborn while the full sessions include different scenarios and newborn accessories. Once in a while I also photograph babies in their home.

Bump & Baby

My most requested family package is Bump & Baby, designed to document your pregnancy and your first days with the newborn. It includes 2 full sessions and allows us to know each other better.

The First Year Together 

This package documents the first year of your baby from pregnancy to the first birthday. It allows us to capture the first milestones and it includes a beautiful album. 

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Via Trevano, 29, Pregassona , 6900, Switzerland  /  Phone: 0783376300

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